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Rogue Playhouse News

-Sue Swan

April 24, 2024

 Rogue Playhouse News

Concert This Friday Night

Welcome jet boat racers and fans of music. I’d like you to meet “The Leader of the Pack.” No, that’s not one of the songs you’ll hear at the concert this Friday night, but it is one of the eras of music you’ll hear. “Honest Labor & Friends” will be playing a mix of country western, blue grass and rock ‘n roll from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and into the 80’s at The Rogue Playhouse, 94196 Moore Street, starting at 7:00 p.m. 

Meet Danny Zimmerman

From Oklahoma originally, Danny played with bands mostly in Houston, Texas. He spent 55 years as a brick layer, clay being readily available in Texas. He met Ray Romero in Beaumont, Texas, which is near Houston and close to the Louisiana border. When I asked if they’d be doing any Cajun, he told me the name Romero is actually Cajun, even though it may sound Mexican. When I asked if Cajun music was on the menu, Danny said he used to do guitar backup for his daughter on fiddle at fiddle contests in Louisiana, but that Cajun music would have to be for another time.

‘The hills are alive… .”

Some of the music we’ll be hearing comes from Canadian entertainers like Gordon Lightfoot and Neil Young. Apparently jet boat racers and fans will be coming from as far away as Canada and New Zealand for this 2024 USA UIM World Race. 

Danny and Ray

Danny and Ray have been playing music together for almost 50 years, starting right after Danny and his wife’s wedding. Their 50-year anniversary is coming up. Ray’s family delivered fruit by the truck loads from Louisiana to Texas, and he and Danny played music together where Danny worked as overnight guard at the civic center. The music also helped him stay awake. 

Music was big in Beaumont and some big names in music came from there like George Jones, Danny and Edgar Winter, ZZ Top, Clay Walker, Tracy Byrd and Mark Chestnut. 

50 years of making music together

There were a lot of gigs for Ray and Danny and the musicians they worked with. One guy had a record deal, but didn’t pursue it. They had a gal singer from New Orleans for 20 years. She had done some fencing, something her father taught. Musical talent seems to run in families. Danny’s brother Terry won a drum contest playing a blend of two drum solos, one of them being from “In a Godda da Vida” (my era). He got to play with Linda Ronstadt.

The lineup of musicians

There’s a big lineup of musicians planned for this Friday night along with Danny Zimmerman and Ray Romero on guitar and vocals. There’s a professional banjo player extraordinaire from Brookings – Steve Lavering. Norwegian, Erik Thomas on mandolin and guitar. Dan Dresser, who I like to call “the music man,” on guitar and vocals. Chris Vorster also on mandolin. Danny mentioned Chris may do “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young. Chris also plays the upright bass. Sharon Guinn on guitar and vocals. Phil Chiodo on keyboard, which includes bass. He also plays bass guitar. And he performed a few years back on our stage as part of the Reverbs with Stephanie La Torre. That should be eight musicians, and if we’re lucky, there may be a ninth. It’s on a “will see” basis as my husband likes to say.

 ‘Honest Labor & Friends’ concert 

Friday, May 10

You’re in for a rousing evening of music when these eight talented musicians take the stage. That’s this Friday night, May 10, starting at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $20 and are available at outlets Jerry’s Rogue Jets Museum & Gift Shop and Gold Beach Books & Art Gallery, and also at the door. Call 541-247-4382 for will-call reservations. The whole community is invited to attend along with boat racers and their entourage. 


Heroines of Oregon Suffrage’

Coming this July, it’s an original scripted musical written by director/playwright, Anne Tlaker-Hall to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of women obtaining the Right to Vote. Originally thwarted by the Covid pandemic in 2020, it seemed fitting to bring it to The Rogue Playhouse stage now during this election year. 


Celebrating 100 years of 

women’s right to vote

Join our cast and celebrate our remarkable history along with fun song and dance numbers. 1800’s songs are blended with familiar music from the 1980’s to make this a musical that’s both fun and educational. Contact/Text Anne if interested in being a Suffragette or Congressman (541) 373-1630.

See you at the Theater!

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