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Rogue Playhouse News

-Sue Swan

March 27, 2024

The roller coaster of theater life

The ups and downs of theater life always amaze me. One minute it’s an incident throwing us into a tail spin. The next, it’s a brief moment in passing, bumping into someone who’s telling me how wonderful Theater is doing, working hard to keep theater thriving in our little community.

That old Yin Yang

And these people stopping me in my daily transit are grateful. Supportive. It fills me with joy, even on this roller coaster ride. The chaos that may have just happened is balanced out with this blessing on theater. That old Yin Yang thing. Even in the midst of darkness, there is a spot of light. Just as in the purest light there is that spot of darkness.

‘Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen… .’ but
they do witness the miracle

No one knows what a director goes through. Unless they’ve directed (or they’re married to one). I liken a stage production opening to giving birth. Bringing a vision to life as the curtain opens. It does take a village ultimately. And like Tombstone, there are the peacekeepers, the instigators, the drunks, the dentist turned renegade, the ordinary law-abiding citizens. Each one
in his own way bringing the best he can to the mix. Just like the action behind the scenes. I’ve often said the true drama in theater is not what you see on stage – that’s carefully choreographed and controlled emotions and behaviors. It’s everything behind the scenes. All designed to run
like a well-oiled machine. But it’s never that easy. I think a director deserves a Medal of Honor or valor, something. Or a vacation to Bora Bora.
A few good men
Quite a few

How do you get 10 men in our community to commit to all those weeks of preparation, topped off with 3 weeks of performance? I’m not forgetting the five women, but women are more willing to take the risk. What risk? Never mind that you could fall on your face. But a good director will make sure you get to where you need to be, and you’ll feel good about yourself and
your portrayal of your character in the process. Spread your wings and fly. Free fall. Hope theshute opens. And it does with that good director. So one actor is lost, but another is found. Wyatt Earp breaks his arm, but he’ll be back for “the reckoning.” The story will live on.

Following your director

I remember the first time I heard a director say they would never let an actor embarrass himself on stage. They would work with them, whatever it takes, to prepare them, get them through it. And your fellow actors are in it with you, working together.
‘Tombstone’ becomes a symbol

“Tombstone” has become a symbol for me, of all that Theater is capable of with the right people brought together in a joint effort (perseverance pays off. Prepare, and then act. “pull the trigger.”). All pushing towards that ultimate goal. The live birth of their director’s vision that they’re all part of. Blessings to the director and all the cast and crew. And to the Board of ETC
for steadfastly believing in this project. Be sure to come witness this minor miracle taking place, of bringing the director’s vision to life for you. It happens again this weekend. Meet you at Tombstone.

Two more weekends, March 29 – April 7

Ellensburg Theater is honored to be bringing you “Tombstone” by Don Nigro (rated PG- 14). Remaining performance dates are March 29 and 30 (no March 31 Easter Sunday performance), and April 5, 6, and 7. Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. Sunday matinees at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, March 30 will include both a 2:00 p.m. matinee and an evening performance since March 31 is Easter and no performance.

Opening weekend ticket holders

If you had tickets for the cancelled opening weekend, you can exchange them for a new night or matinee by calling the theater at 541-247-4382 and leaving a message letting us know you have tickets to exchange, with your name, the new night you’d like to reserve, how many in your party, and your phone # so we can confirm with you. If you won’t be able to attend on a new date, your tickets can be refunded.

Tickets are at outlets

Tickets are available for the remaining two weekends at outlets, Jerry’s Roguejets Museum & Gift Shop and Gold Beach Books and Art Gallery. Tickets are also available at the door. Reservations recommended. This past weekend, our new opening weekend, had two sold
out nights, and the third was nearly sold out. If you haven’t already purchased advance tickets ($15), we encourage you to get them now. Or you can call 541-247-4382 and leave a message to make reservations instead. Again, please leave your name, date you wish to attend, how many in your party, and your phone number to confirm.

Cat for sale – Cheap

Owner motivated to sell. Sweet, lovable black kitty, 2 ½ years old. House broke (but we fixed it). Answers to Bocephus. Or “kitty, kitty, kitty.” He comes running. Have food ready. Watch for latest chapter in his new book, “To kill a hummingbird.” Or just bring it in the house to play with. Catch and Release. What a thrill to catch a hummingbird in your kitchen and release it.

Full disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure, Bocephus does like to sleep all the live long day (your bed preferably), but he likes to go in and out the window all night. From O’Dark thirty on. Until it’s time for you to get up. Then he wants the bed to himself. To sleep, of course. We have tried to keep him up during the day. When you see us with bags under our eyes, you’ll know how that’s working out.


Will consider trade for something that sleeps at night.

For more information, call kitty, kitty, kitty.

See you at the Theater!

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