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Rogue Playhouse News 9.8.21

Rogue Playhouse News

‘September 8, 2021

The best laid plans… .

“It’s always something.” Gilda Radner, SNL. Back in the day when things must have seemed funnier. “Ideation” is not in production afterall. Busy lives just seem to get busier all the time. Life’s schedule

s can get in the way of something like community theater. It happens sometimes that there are great plays we’d like to do and there are actors, but not enough directors. Other times we have directors and not enough actors. Especially male actors. “Ideation” with its cast of 4 males and 1 female is one of those times. The director is looking forward to possibly spring. So is Ellensburg Theater.

Dark comedy seems doomed

Wait ‘til you find out the subject matter wrestled with in this performance! We hoped you would have that experience this Halloween. Historically we’ve had better success with mostly female casts. Ralph Scheeler was the first one to want to direct “Ideation,” the dark “comedy thriller.” Not enough male actors. My Richman surprised me one day years later, when he said he’d like to direct it. We just didn’t know it was too late in the game for him. Didn’t happen. I do hope it happens next spring.

Cemetery Tour this weekend

This weekend at Rogue River Cemetery in Hunter Creek, it’s Meryl Boice’s historical entertainment presented Friday and Saturday, September 10 and 11 at 4:00 p.m. Admission $10. Come and enjoy this peek into the past of various locals long departed as actors portray “a day in the life of,” giving you a bird’s eye view of the way it was in our little corner of the world.

No mysteries, please

So we’re looking at Isadorable Dance recital performance the last weekend of this month, A holiday production is yet to be scheduled. I’ve never been a mystery person. Don’t much like the unknown. Even sports games. Just want to know the score. Who won. Maybe some 60 second highlights of great tackles or touchdowns. Looking forward to giving you news of the next production.

Animal anxt

Maynard doesn’t have these problems. Or Knucklehead. We thought Knucklehead was gone, off to tend his does, or fight for their favors. Could be why one side of his antlers is mostly gone. Or maybe he knew it was bow season. But he’s back. And hungry. In addition to apples and tomatoes, he likes to be hand fed squash, but only yellow squash. None of that zucchini.

Rudolph got nothing on this

Studying him, I realize his neck and shoulders and haunches are practically as big as Baldy’s, my retired cow horse, back in Lemmon Valley, north of Reno. Well, maybe. Baldy didn’t have those horns and couldn’t have leaped up the hill (mountain) behind us like that. But deer can gallop. Up the driveway, like 8 tiny reindeer. Clickety clack. Galloping after that Toyota pickup pulling up the hill. That means Dick’s home and dinner can’t be far behind. Funny, works for me, too. Except I don’t gallop like I used to.

‘Darn the flies’

“Darn the flies.” My mom used to say that when I was a kid. Never really saw any, so it seemed like an odd thing to say. Think it was her way of cussing. Kind of like dust. Never really saw any of that either. Growing up with aunt Aggie and grandma, there just never was any. I learned about dust as an adult, when it was on me to deal with it. I like all the things. If someone else would just dust them.

All hands on deck

Quiet holiday weekend. Probably BBQ tomorrow. If we can get the new side by side refrigerator off the deck and into the kitchen. You just never know with this man of mine. Things appear. Our last two refrigerators have been given to us by a friend, who apparently goes through as many as we do. The current iteration of welcome donor refrigerators needs a boot each time you close the door, or it doesn’t – close. So two days ago, I looked out the back French doors, and there it was. Big as life. It was going to be a Christmas present, but he finished the deck work he did in exchange for it, so he decided now was a good time. I see a game plan for today.

Open Mic/Jam night

…Is temporarily on hold. Watch for news of starting up again on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. when we’ll welcome you to bring your varied talents for your time at the mic, or share the stage with other musicians.

Dance Isadorable

Isadora Kolmorgan’s dance students will perform at The Rogue Playhouse the 4th weekend of September, Saturday, September 25 at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday matinee, September 26 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $15 and are available at outlets – Gold Beach Books and Jerry’s Roguejets Museum and Gift Shop, and at the door. Or email

Support the performing arts

Showcased will be the Honey Bees, ballerinas ages 2-5 years, and the older dance group ages 6-11. Come enjoy their recital as these Blossoming young ballerinas experience the thrill of dance performance before a live audience. That’s you, community supporters of the performing arts. You will help these children continue their love of dance (and performance) into their future, and help support Ellensburg Theater in its mission to support and produce performing arts.

See you at Theater!

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