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Rogue Playhouse News 12.15.21

Rogue Playhouse News

December 15, 2021

In the works for Ellensburg Theater

I’d say behind the scenes, but it’s a little quiet right now. Strange to not be having a holiday production this December. I think that’s a first since moving into The Rogue Playhouse in 2007. But we have been busy getting ready for the upcoming season.

Much ado

The website has been in limbo for a bit, but should be back on the front burner before long. We will soon have a donate button in place on Ellensburg Theater’s FaceBook page. We’re in the process of developing a children’s production policy for child safety. We’re beginning to gather program ad sponsors for the coming year. If you’d like to donate in support of ETC, it’s still only $100 for an entire season of business card size ads in our play programs. Just call the theater at 541-247-4382 to arrange someone to come pick up your ad and donation, or you can mail your check and business card or ad info to: Ellensburg Theater Company, P.O. Box 1324, Gold Beach, OR 97444.

Valerie MacGillivary

welcomed back on board

Valerie MacGillivary has recently been welcomed back on the ETC board by consensus to fill a vacancy. She served on the board several years ago, and we are so glad to have her back. Val has directed, acted and is university trained in theatre arts. She brings both talent and skills and is a very organized individual. Theater board service is a challenge, especially being a production company for the performing arts. In addition to running the non-profit charity that is Ellensburg Theater, we are also often acting and directing, and we are stewards of a local historic building that is over 125 years old.

Season planning underway

A season planning party is planned for early January. Watch for announcement of date and time, and if you are interested in directing, please contact any board member or leave a message on the theater’s phone. Also if you have written a play, original written plays will be considered.

Redfish Concert in February

Dueling violins will perform in concert Saturday, February 26, at 2:00 p.m. More information coming on this wonderful first time event at The Rogue Playhouse.

16th Annual Membership Drive Gala

Ellensburg Theater’s 16th Annual Membership Drive Gala will likely be in February. Gala mailers will be going out soon after our planning meeting this week. Some think of it as ETC’s invitation, but everyone is invited to ETC’s free-to-members party. Your paid new or renewing membership is your invitation. The mailer will include the membership renewal app along with party information and the past year in review and new season to come.

These will have a turn-around time for your renewal so we can plan for food and have our membership data base updated before the party so you’re not standing around filling out membership forms when you arrive. However, you can also do your membership at the door. If you’d like to receive the Gala mailer and haven’t in the past, you can email me with your contact information at

Suffragette play

This was planned for a 100th year celebration of women’s right to vote in 2020 but was knocked off the calendar with the pandemic. This original play is authored by Anne Hall who has written a number of original scripts, and we hope to see it come to stage this coming spring.

‘The Curious Savage’

This comedy is set for June performance dates. Debbie Roush directs. She’s back after the hilarious ‘Red Velvet Cake War’ that audiences loved this past summer.

Greater Tuna

One more time

Ellensburg Theater is hoping to have the last in the four “Greater Tuna” series come to stage in July. This one is “Red, White and Tuna,” and Michael Hall will be directing. It’s not set in stone yet. Nothing is ‘til we can garner a cast. But for those who remember ‘Greater Tuna,’ Christmas Tuna,” and “Tuna Does Vegas” this will be the long-awaited last one in the series of outrageous comedies to make the stage here.

3 men, 18 characters

Shouldn’t be that hard to cast. It requires only 3 males. Of course, they play 18 different characters. Something like that. And some of those roles are women. The back stage costume changes would probably be worth the price of admission alone. You want to be fairly intimate with your dresser. And they need to remind you which character you are next as you return to stage after 60 second costume changes, give or take. It’s outrageous fun.

See you at Theater!

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