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Rogue Playhouse News 10.6.21

Rogue Playhouse News

October 6, 2021

Radio play rehearsals begin

Auditions are always a time of hope and of trepidation. Will they come? Then, there they are. Seated around the table. In anticipation. What does the director have planned for them? What’s it all about…Alfie? Some welcome returnees. Some new, unexpected faces.

Our guide sets the stage

The reading. Cold read of parts of a script. Who is this person whose lines I’m reading? Helpful description from the director, Val MacGillivary. Give it some of this or some of that. She even has wonderful descriptive language of references to grasp onto. A turn of speech. A word you may not have had reason or opportunity to use in your every day existence. Heck, mine never even came close. I listen enthralled. Val’s a bit of a master at this. With humor, knowledge and skill. A smile to warm you, and a glint of spark in her eye. Did you miss it? Right before the twist. Be ready. She is. And she’ll guide you there so you can be ready, too. Direction at its finest.

A stroll through the mind field

I strive to always be there at auditions. That remarkable phase when you just don’t know who will come, or even if they’ll come. I’ve shown up to see a full table of auditioners. Always a thrill. It gives me something to write about, and helps with publicity. “Moral support and encouragement,” I tell myself. Sometimes I’ll read a part to help set the stage for a potential actor to read with. The second night of auditions I was asked to do that. Or so I thought. Except it was sort of fun. And apparently didn’t sound too much like reading names out of a phone book. It helped that the person my character played off of was exceptional. What a voice! I wanted to step it up. To be the right fit for the scene his character worked. Carried really. Luckily my part was sort of Minnie Mouse. Right up until the plot didn’t just thicken, it crashed with a thud. “Scream it out,” she says. OK. So I did. “Well, we’ll work on it,” she says. Oh oh! That sounds ominously like I may have a part. Now I will have to step it up.

Ellensburg Theater wants you

In case you did miss auditions, but are interested, please give Val a call at 541-373-1033 or leave a message at the Playhouse, 541-247-4382. More males are always welcome. Old time radio shows seem to have been more the jurisdiction of men to me. No sexism here. “Just the facts, Ma’am. Nothing but the facts.”

We will also want volunteers. Costumes, props, tech, box office / concessions, publicity. Always want your volunteerism. Ellensburg Theater is built on that.

Where the music takes you

So where do you go from here? Well we went to hear some live music. Something to thrill the soul. Many instruments. Many voices. Sing along if no one squawks. Oh, come and join you?

Close my eyes to hear the voice next to me while I sing. It’s a Round. Loved those ever since childhood. Learned with my friends who took piano lessons and sang in the kitchen while their mom did mom things (like hand-churned ice cream, which the girls helped with). I played two part piano tunes with them every chance I got. Still know those songs. Not by reading music. Just the sound.

‘Memories are Made of This’

These Peterson girls and I did talent, variety shows in their back yard, complete with audience – mom, brother, various unmemorable players in this incomplete memory. I can’t speak to the talent, but we did charge admission. Enough money that could have bought a fistful of candy if their older brother hadn’t confiscated it. Didn’t seem to be any court willing to hear our plea. But I did get to sing Perry Como songs. I still love Dean Martin.

November performances

Performances will take place over two weekends in mid-November instead of Halloween. Dates are November 12, 13, 14 and 19, 20, 21. Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00 p.m. instead of our usual 7:30 p.m., and Sunday matinees at 2:00 p.m. Tickets will be $10 for this trilogy of old time radio shows. Mark your calendars so you’ll be sure to be there.

Bringing you the magic of live performance

I should have the radio episode’s names for you, but I’ll have that next time. The 40’s were big on radio drama, and comedy, mysteries, thrillers, you name it. Close your eyes and let it take you there. But at the theater you’ll also see the performers take the stage in costume and props of the era, as they portray actors playing a part in a play. Complete with live sound effects done on stage along with the performance. Some sound effects will be handled by our tech person to round out the magic of not only audio, but visual entertainment. We hope you’ll be there.

See you at Theater!

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