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Rogue Playhouse 10.27.21

Rogue Playhouse News

October 27, 2021

Radio Shows trilogy opens November 12

… for a two-weekend run. Performances are the 2nd and 3rd weekends of November, Friday and Saturday, November 12 , 13, 19 & 20 at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday matinees November 14 and 21 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door for this trilogy of old time radio shows.

Director Valerie mentions that in this performance, “The Ellensburg Theater Company actors are playing the roles of performers acting in various radio productions. (Whew!) You, dear audience are also members of the cast. Radio Theater would have been performed before a live (studio) audience, played by you, of course.”

Mark your calendars so you’ll be sure to be there.

‘I love a rainy day’

Herds of birds in our upper yard. 18 quail the other morning. Flights of little birds, maybe wrens, finches, sparrows, not sure what. They delight in the Cotoneaster. And the turkeys, 9 or 10 of them! They’ve lost 1 or 2 of their flock along the way. Love that weird little sound they make. Distracts your attention from whatever you’re doing and draws you to their sound. Watch the herd descend upon your yard, scoot along up and across the deck to lusher pickings on the upper yard.

Herding birds

But Dick is not pleased. They scratch up the soil, which pulls out the grass, turning it brown. Not to worry. Dick says he’ll re-seed it and we’ll have our golf course lawn back again. I love seeing the wildlife, but I love my green lawn, too. KEEP OFF THE GRASS. They don’t listen, or scare off very easily. They do look kind of like Thanksgiving dinner. Maynard seems fascinated by them. Watches them intently. Might be a little intimidated by their size. Or sheer numbers. Maybe he doesn’t want to be hen-pecked. This morning it’s thunder and lightning. Fascinating. For Maynard, not so much. Love the rainy days. Everything washed clean. All lush greenery in our little corner of the rain forest.

The new normal

This switching gears with semi-retirement and being able to be home finally after so many years (decades) of working is a bit disorienting. I had meant to be much more productive in this new mode, but things seem to be pulling me in different, maybe new directions. Stress has been removed from my routine, but now the lack of stressful routine seems to be messing me up. I fear becoming lazy. But I’m ready to get after things. Instead I’m taking time for music and visiting with family and friends. Is this the new normal?

Through the looking glass

There’s also cooking and shopping and cleaning, which takes a goodly amount of time. But it feels good, the doing of it. Don’t know if that’s Zen or existential, but I don’t care at present. Sometimes looking back is as though through a foggy mist. A transit unaware. The loss of my Richman and the mystery of how there came to be new love in my life. I still marvel at that. A new love who cooks! I thought I left that era of my life far behind, but it seems to have come back around. Now I can do for someone else what has been gifted to me.

Let there be music

Rediscovery of music, live music at Jam sessions where I am free to just show up, listen, sing along, and leave when I want. Discovery of a beautiful song sung in rounds with guitarist/singer Heidi. “Dona Nobis Pacem.” Remembrance from somewhere in my past. I envision a cathedral choir of voices.

I long for music on The Rogue Playhouse stage again. I’m not alone in that. Bring me your guitars, keyboards, drums. Your stand-up base, wailing saxophone (a moment of reverence, please), and that crazy accordion. Bring it. With the voices. There was even a concert pianist who humbly claimed to be just tinkering around. Don’t believe it! Wait ‘til you hear. I’m hoping.

A little de-quorum, please

The havoc wreaked upon ETC by Covid 19 during the entire year of 2020, stretching through most of this year as well, has kept us from having the full benefit of a quorum for theater meetings. People out sick, people being out of town, has taken a bit of a toll on our forward momentum. I look forward to getting back on track, back in our rhythm. Hoping that happens amidst Covid uncertainties with the threat of being shut down again or sailing at half mast into an uncertain future. As a team, I believe we’ll navigate safely through this quagmire. Heck, the Vikings did it. With no Map Quest or Google or anything. Just a lot of guts and passion. Maybe a little crazy intensity. Sounds a little like theater.

See you at Theater!

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